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QuickReader - Speed Reading app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 1856 ratings )
Productivity Book
Developer: Inkstone Software, Inc.
4.99 USD
Current version: 4.5, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 16 Oct 2009
App size: 84.96 Mb

The #1 speed-reading technology on earth. (And maybe even Mars.) From best-selling novels to how-to books to self-improvement to business reports and more, our proven software guides—and trains—your eyes to read at a rapidly accelerated rate.


Set your reading speed from 10-4,000 words per minute, and keep challenging your own time. With a couple of taps, the app speeds up, and you can always control how fast you go. Most people are shocked at how efficient they are while still processing and retaining information! (You can read normal, too, just in case.)


From designer color schemes to fonts; margins to interface, the app bends to your will with every preference, making this the perfect “skin” for you to read all of your books on, no matter how fast or slow.


With Guided Reading Technology, you set the speed and the pages turn for you. And the best part? The gains you make in-app carry over to regular, un-guided reading.Throw in a butler and some fancy cheese and you might just be set for life. (Or at least have a pretty sharp advantage over all of mankind.)


Books are our world—and we’ve got an entire family of apps dedicated to book lovers. That means we can also bring you all sorts of access to free titles that other speed reading apps can’t. Hip, hip, hooray!


“[QuickReader] brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to the world of speed reading apps." — ReadWriteWeb

"QuickReader is a speed-reading tool that can produce remarkable results. I was shocked by the rate at which my speed improved. [...] By far the most fascinating application Ive reviewed in a while." 4.5 stars, MAGICAL - 148Apps

Pros and cons of QuickReader - Speed Reading app for iPhone and iPad

QuickReader - Speed Reading app good for

...for me this is the best reading software if youre also interested in quick reading. Also, the developer quickly adopts things (like new books lists, iOS4 features)... impressive!
A good book reader even without the speed reading. I tend to use it plain vanilla unless there is something I have to read for work that I wouldt normally choose, then savour the books I enjoy at my own pace. Well worth getting. Je vois que cest aussi disponible en francais. Ca vaut le coup, marche tt bien en anglais, doit etre aussi efficace en francais. A recommander
Excellent even w/o speed reading. Much better than the Apple alternative. These guys really deserve support.
Great, as said. It is stupid that Apple forces you to write a text when you only want a line.
I really got faster with this app! Thank you! Only problem is the impossibility to save downloaded books.
The screen brightness always returns to the system standard and it should be easier to control the intensity adjustment (control gradation 0-100%).

Some bad moments

I have purchased this app hoping to use it with books and articles I have to read as critical literature to my research project. I am not able to import such texts into the app and the "other catalogs" option does not work. This app is not suitable for my needs. I will try a refund as soon as I receive the invoice from iTunes.
It was pretty good until the latest update. Thanks, jerks. I paid $5 for nothing. Fix it. Include calibre sync while youre at it.
Ill get a dozen pages read then it freezes and I have to close the application down and restart it. Then it doesnt even remember what page I was on... please fix it!!!
I think the app is fine for improving reading speed, but WHY cant you import your own books or articles from Instapaper, Pocket, the web, etc. It really needs this in a future update.
With iOS9, doesnt open at all. Crashes every time I try to open the app.
The idea behind the app is solid, but the issue of having to move your eyes and then refocus on words is what keeps this app from greatness. Flashing the words in sequence in one spot on the screen could improve usefulness of this app 10-fold. Thats what I was hoping this app could do, but I was disappointed.

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