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Excellent, simply excellent...

...for me this is the best reading software if youre also interested in quick reading. Also, the developer quickly adopts things (like new books lists, iOS4 features)... impressive!


A good book reader even without the speed reading. I tend to use it plain vanilla unless there is something I have to read for work that I wouldt normally choose, then savour the books I enjoy at my own pace. Well worth getting. Je vois que cest aussi disponible en francais. Ca vaut le coup, marche tt bien en anglais, doit etre aussi efficace en francais. A recommander


Excellent even w/o speed reading. Much better than the Apple alternative. These guys really deserve support.

Very good.

Really works. I m much more faster reader after this app.

Great! Unrivalled!

Great, as said. It is stupid that Apple forces you to write a text when you only want a line.


I really got faster with this app! Thank you! Only problem is the impossibility to save downloaded books.

Muito bom


Please turbinate some reader functions

Quick Reading function is perfect, Normal Reading lacks Highlighting, Add Notes, Bookmarking, a built-in Dictionary, Export, Text to Speech, plus integration with Safari. With these functions covered this app would be the ultimate Reader! Please add those, thanks.

Brightness problems

The screen brightness always returns to the system standard and it should be easier to control the intensity adjustment (control gradation 0-100%).

So disappointed

I have purchased this app hoping to use it with books and articles I have to read as critical literature to my research project. I am not able to import such texts into the app and the "other catalogs" option does not work. This app is not suitable for my needs. I will try a refund as soon as I receive the invoice from iTunes.

Very nice / Muito Bom !

O app é muito funcional, e satisfaz bem tanto a prática de leitura dinâmica quanto uma leitura normal. Gostaria de sugerir duas funções principais ainda não presentes: 1 - selecionar a partir de qual palavra começar a leitura dinâmica (uma função que encontrei no app "Fastr Pro"). 2 - Leitura de .pdf para um melhor aproveitamento do app como um leitor. The app is very good, and comprises well the speed-reading as much normal reading. Id like to sugest 2 main functions not presented yet in the app: 1 - select the word from wich we get started on speed-reading (a function ive found in the "Fastr Pro" app). 2 - PDF reading for a better use of the app as a reader. Thank you so much for the well done job! Muito obrigado pelo trabalho bem feito!


Great way to read. I mainly use the normal reading mode. I timed myself a few times so it can tell me how long it will take to finish the chapter. Works great no problems.


Quick reader is very easy to use and I am totally impressed by its simplicity and utter convenience. Thank you, thankyou.

Good value

Best reader ive used. Easy to navigate and good selection of books to choose from. Lots of options to fine tune your page and font. It would be nice if you could review earler chapters while keeping your bookmark in place.

Great reader

I love this reader. Wish it would remember last orientation. Alway need to unlock and lock to go back to landscape orientation.

Great E-Reaser

The only issue I have with this e-reader is that you cannot read purchased books only the free books that is already in the library. For this reason I have to use 2 different apps. Other than that I really like it.


Essential software to improve your reading speed

Doesnt display italics

Terrific layout and font choices Much better screen display than almost all other ebook apps, including Kindle. But for books from the Baen Free Library and Smashwords, at least, italics are stripped out and presented as roman type. Fix this, and Id give it five stars.

Excellent for anywhere & anytime R E A D I N G.

I use it in the metro going to the office and all the way until I land in my bed... Wherever whenever I feel like reading.

Nice app

This app Is really nice for the price

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